Farm Spotlight: Ananda Farms

GSC – Ananda Farms

Sour Diesel – Ananda Farms

Lemon Diesel – Ananda

Blueberry Treat – Ananda Farms






Ananda Farms is nestled in the pristine foothills of the Williams Valley in Southern Oregon; where Williams creek finds the Applegate river, catches the Rogue, and finally spills into the Pacific. Hot, dry summers and an ideal natural environment provide the clean air and water that make this an epicenter for growing the highest quality cannabis in Oregon.

Due to the use of the Sun as opposed to artificial light, Ananda’s flowers test with very high terpene levels. This exemplifies their ability to express the true essence of each of their strains. While also proudly maintaining Clean Green Certification.
First up is easily one of the terpiest GSC cuts we’ve ever come across.
[Total Terpenes = 28.75mg/gram!! B-Myrcene = 13.61mg/gram!! B-Caryophyllene =5.63mg/gram!]

Next is and extremely pungent Sour Diesel. This sativa dominant strain is a favorite around here for it’s invigorating and fast acting, heady cerebral effects! (THC: 23.90% — CBD: 0.2%)
[Total Terpenes = 18.82mg/gram!!] [B-Caryophyllene = 6.57mg!] [R(+)-Limonene = 4.27mg]

Blueberry Treat is a balanced cross between the infamous Blueberry and the Amsterdam cafe mainstay Dutch Treat.
Grown, harvested, and cured with care. [Total Terpene Content = 22.45mg/gram]

Last but not least, Lemon Diesel, which is packing some really interesting terps and it stands out as unique among other diesel cuts.
[Total Terpene Content = 20.1mg/gram] [Top Terp: B-Myrcene = 10.36mg!!] [2nd Terp: B-Caryophyllene = 2.87mg]

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